IDEK RFID protection sleeves are available in various designs.
IDEK's designs are quite sleek and elegant whicn can match your wallet.

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About Us

IDEK is RFID protection sleeves product which can be used to protect your identity and prevent electronic pick-pocketing. IDEK has launched designer RFID blocking sleeves for credit/debit cards and passport. IDEK is a brand of Trinity Tapes. Our Goal is to provide users with a reliable product for their identity protection. IDEK is TUV SGS certified and is FIPS compliant. IDEK offers a large variety of readymade and customisable designs for the users to choose.

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Identity theft is no laughing matter

It’s Time to Take Security More Seriously

From Wikipedia: "RFID Skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID based smart cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft among other forms of information theft. Typically it works by illegitimate reading of RFID chips at a distance using a cheap RFID reader device, which downloads the card information. From there, it can be written to a new blank card, which then operates in the same manner as the original legitimate card."

What is IDEK?

IDEK is Trinity RFID shielding , used in the lining of our wallets, clutches and credit card sleeves. It blocks the transmission of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) waves at 13.56mHz.

How does IDEK block RFID signals on contactless credit?

By creating a Faraday Cage. The multi layer laminate is RFID-blocking, or "electromagnetically opaque" as it is known to the US Government department that regulates this type of thing. You can learn more on the Wikipedia page here. The material itself is remarkably thin so that it won't bulk up your purse or wallet. 13.56mHz.

How many cards can the sleeves hold?

The sleeves are designed to only hold one credit card per sleeve

Does it matter which way you insert the card into the sleeve?

It does not matter how you insert a credit card into the sleeve. The entire sleeve is constructed with a Multi layered material (the inside layer is a metal coating). This envelopes and protects the entire card.

For an ID theft to occur, does the thief need to physically gain possession of the credit card?

In the past, this was indeed the case. But no more. Now an ID thief can steal the information with a readily available skimmer and remotely access personal information contained on the credit card directly through wallets.

Over what distance can this personal information be stolen?

Researchers have shown this is possible at a distance of 10 yards.

Are all credit cards susceptible to remote skimming?

No, this is a problem specific to contactless credit cards - the so called smart credit cards - which have an embedded microchip. They are sometimes recognizable as VISA Contactless, Quick VSDC, VISA Wave, PayWave, PayPass MChip by Mastercard—also referred to as "Tap N Go", American Express with ExpressPay, Zip by Discover, AMEX Clear, Blue Card and Blue Sky, and Chase Blink. Unfortunately, in many cases the cards are not clearly identified as being RFID enabled. Debit cards from Citizens Bank, HSBC, Key Bank and Charter One are also RFID enabled. With many credit and debit cards, it is simply impossible to know by seeing if the cards contain the microchip.

How many of these smart credit cards are out there?

Hundreds of millions are now in circulation, and increasing every day.

How durable are your RFID-Blocking sleeves?

We expect that they will last up to four years under normal use. These sleeves are a highly economical way to provide a common sense solution against ID theft.

I've heard that now even passports have a microchip embedded in them? True or false?

True. We make RFID-Blocking passport sleeves too for just this

In addition to contactless credit card protection, will these metal lined sleeves also protect the new driver’s licenses, keyless building cards, and passport cards?

Yes, as long as the data is being read within the standard 13.56 megahertz range.

Which kind of identity theft is protected by IDEK?

IDEK is effective at preventing one of the methods of identity theft, by blocking unauthorized access to credit card RFID chips and the data they contain.

Is IDEK approved by U.S.Government?

Yes, IDEK made of Trinity RFID Shielding material is FIPS Compliant.

What Other third party certifications does IDEK has?

Idek also has been approved by SGS TUV, Germany and has been given a unique seal. Watch this Video for IDEK's certification.

Are IDEK sleeves available in customized designs also?

Yes, Our range of idek sleeves can be customised according to your needs and requirements enabling you to add your logo, design and other company motifs.

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Electronic Pickpocketing and Prevention

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